The Bid by Domain feature allows advertisers to make CPC bid rate adjustments at the Domain ID level by Device, for each Campaign.  The feature helps advertisers effeciently and conveniently scale campaigns based on the relative ROI performance of various publisher sources.

NOTE:  Using the Bid by Domain feature and limiting the number of blocked Domain ID’s, will greatly increase your opportunity to grow volume and scale your campaigns.

To access Bid by Domain, go to My Campaigns and locate the Campaign to review.  Next, click on the “Settings” icon located to the right of the Active button.  This will take you to the Edit Campaign section.

NOTE:  To use this feature for additional Campaigns, you will need to revisit this section to make CPC adjustments.

My Campaigns

Once in the Edit Campaign section, click on the Bid by Domain link, highlighted in red, located to the right.  This will direct you to The Bid by Domain section.

Edit Campaign

To begin, Select a Device.

NOTE:  You must complete these steps for each device separately.

Select Reporting Period and the number of Results per page, then click the Refresh Report button.

To make CPC adjustments, locate the Domain ID.  Then locate the CPC column and click on the “+” sign to show the Campaign’s current default CPC.   You can increase or decrease the CPC by clicking on “+ / -” button.

Be sure to click Save to save your changes.

Bid by Domain - rate change

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