supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). You can create an AMP tag using the format below with parameters from the standard installation code.

Create a widget in your account

Select a banner style for your widget. AMP requires fixed sizes. Use the format below inserting the appropriate parameters from the widget’s installation code and the size you selected.

AMP Tag Format

   width=[Width of Ad Widget]
   height=[Height of Ad Widget]
   data-id="[Ad Widget GUID]"
   data-d="[Ad Widget Domain ID]"
   data-wid="[Ad Widget ID]">

Supported Widget Call Parameters

Name Required Description
width Yes The width of the widget in pixels.
height Yes The height of the widget in pixels.
type Yes The type of AMP tag. Used “contentad”.
id Yes The unique identifier for your account (API Key).
wid Yes The unique identifier for your widget.
d Yes The unique identifier for your domain.





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