has developed a managed programmatic (beta) campaign product based on client demand for additional volume opportunity and scale. Managed Programmatic (beta) is a separate campaign option in the platform user interface (UI) and is fully managed by’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) team.

Managed Programmatic (beta) campaigns…

  • Programmatically access millions of native impressions on every device, across thousands of premium sites, on a CPC basis, ALL from ONE platform.
  • Eliminate the need to buy from or integrate with multiple supply side partners (SSPs) and the risk and uncertainty of paying CPM. With CPC, you only pay for visitors with interest and intent.
  • Utilize advanced automation to place your ads on the highest performing inventory, across multiple SSPs, optimized in real-time based on KPI performance.
  • Are designed specifically for premium Direct Response advertisers to reduce costs and deliver a stronger ROI.

Managed programmatic (beta) campaigns and creative options are different from Run of Network campaigns.  Please read the Managed Programmatic (beta) FAQ for details and contact your sales representative, account manager, or if you have questions or need assistance.

If you have a support question or bug report, please contact our support team.