Pop-up widget styles differ from the other widget types in that each pop-up style has unique behavior that determines how and when the widget is loaded to the page. In order to achieve this, your widget’s installation code is altered to include this behavior.

As a result, you will need to obtain and update your current installation code from the corresponding widget anytime that you:

  1. change a widget from any other widget type to a pop-up widget,
  2. change a widget from one pop-up style to another, or
  3. change a widget from the pop-up widget type to another type.

Exit Pop
When installed, the exit pop widget appears when the user’s mouse reaches the top of the browser window to navigate away from the page.  By default, the exit pop only appears once per session for each user, but you can change its frequency using the “exitPopExpireDays” parameter described here: What widget configuration options can I set?

Mobile Slideup
The mobile slideup widget animates up from the bottom of the mobile device’s browser window once the user has scanned or read the page and scroll back up.  This widget is eye-catching, but also unobtrusive and easy for the user to collapse.  Like the exit pop, this widget will also utilize the “exitPopExpireDays” parameter when defined.

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