If you have a properly placed conversion pixel on your site, Content.ad’s proprietary traffic quality algorithm automatically filters out underperforming traffic sources.  Additionally, you can use the block lists feature to exclude certain domains from receiving traffic from specific campaigns in your account.

Determining which domains to block

  1. Add the Content.ad conversion pixel to your site (advertorials/advertisements).
  2. When setting up your campaign or campaign content, add our campaign ID and domain ID macros to the URL.
  3. Sign up for the daily campaign performance report email in the My Account section of your Content.ad account.

Please note that Content.ad does not charge you for any traffic that falls outside of your specified targeting, bot clicks, or duplicate clicks.  Because of this, the campaign performance report may not reflect all of the traffic you see in other analytic tools because you are not being charged for it.

Blocking domains

  1. Log into your account at Content.ad and click on Block Lists under Advertising in the main navigation.
  2. Create or select a block list and ensure that it is applied to the desired campaign(s).  Block lists can be assigned to multiple campaigns, but each campaign can only use one block list.
  3. Enter the domain ID(s) that you would like to block.  Limit 175 per week (based on a rolling 7 day total).

Note: Manually blocking domains may limit your ability to scale your campaigns.  If you would like assistance determining which domains should be given a second chance, please contact support or your account rep to request a review.

If you have a support question or bug report, please contact our support team.