Reports that you have opted-in to will be emailed in Excel format each day including information from the previous day.

Publisher Reports

The Widget Performance Report includes date, widget name, domain, impressions, clicks, ctr, internal clicks, sponsored clicks, eCPM, eCPC, eCPA and revenue.

The Publisher Clicks Report includes date, domain id, domain name, widget id, widget name, device type, country, clientid, clientid2, revenue and clicks.

Advertiser Reports

The Campaign Performance Report includes date, campaign id, campaign name, ad headline, ad url, ad image, ad id, publisher domain id, ad clicks, conversions, cpc and spend.

The Advertiser Clicks Report includes date, campaign name, ad id, ad headline, device type, country, content type, publisher domain id, spend, ad clicks, excluded clicks, conversions, eCPC and eCPA.

Deposit Receipts provide verification of receipt of each deposit.

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