How can I get payment terms for my account?

    If your account is in good standing, and has been actively serving for a minimum of 30 days with a total spend equal to $25,000 or more, contact your account manager or to request a credit application. Please ensure that the references you list are reputable firms that you have worked with for a reasonable amount of time and have extended significant credit to you in the past.  Please note that  it may take a week or more to establish credit terms for your account.  You will be notified by your account manager or accounting if you are granted credit terms.  In the meantime, continue to fund your account via credit or debit card, PayPal or ACH/Wire transfer.

    Will I ever be charged for more than my campaign budget? will stop serving your content once the budget for the campaign has been reached.  However, a consumer can still click on content that was served prior to the budget being reached.  As a result, you may be charged for an amount up to 10% more than your budget for clicks delivered during this period.

    I added funds to my account via PayPal but the funds haven’t posted to my account, why?

    Sometimes large deposits made via PayPal may take 24-48 hours to clear and post to your account in This is due to PayPal’s policy and is outside of our control. In the short term, consider funding your account via credit or debit card to avoid a delay in funding your account. Before submitting another payment via PayPal, check the “Deposit History” tab in the “My Account” section to see whether the previous payment is pending.

    Why does my tracking platform show more charged clicks compared to what reports?

    You might notice a discrepancy between the number of charged clicks your tracking platform reports vs. what our reporting shows. This is primarily due to excluded clicks being reported by your reporting tracking platform, that we have not actually charged you for.

    We exclude clicks that your ad may receive from bot traffic, double clicks, clicks that came through after your campaign’s budget has been reached, or clicks that came from a geo and or device your campaign is not targeted to.

    Please always refer to’s reporting for most accurate data regarding charged clicks.

    To receive daily automated reports for campaign performance and spend, please opt in to the “Campaign performance report” and “Advertiser clicks report” in the “General Info” section of your account. To learn more about these reports, please click here.

    How Do I Verify My Credit Card?

    As part of our security and credit card verification process, please be aware that we need to arrange a call with you and your credit card company to verify that you are the authorized card holder. Please provide the best number we may reach you on (cell phone preferably) and be sure to provide the following documents within 24 hours of depositing funds for each card you are currently using, or plan to use in the future:

    • A legal photo ID
    • Front and back images of the credit card(s). You are welcome to cover all digits including the CVV, except the last four.
    • A completed Credit Card Authorization Form with a written signature

    Please email the documents and contact phone number to If you are out of United States, please let us know a time frame in which we can talk and we will send you conference line instructions.