What Is the Minimum CPC Rate to Test?

    The minimum CPC bid amounts are based on device type, geo-location and type of content. Below are tables per content type that illustrates our minimum CPC rates.

    Advertisement – Landing pages that include any type of order form, payment page or email signup functionality.

    Sponsored content or advertorial – Article-based content that promotes a particular product or service and may include information and pricing about a specific offer. The content includes links directed to a landing page to purchase a product or service.  The landing page may not include any type of order form, payment page or email signup functionality.

    Sponsored content must be clearly labeled as “Advertisement,” “Advertorial,” or “Sponsored” at the top of the page. For “free trial” or continuity/auto-ship offers, a link to the product’s terms & conditions must be visible and active to allow a consumer to click and review prior to submitting payment.

    Non-commercial – Content about general interest topics of a non-commercial nature. This type of content does not contain links to products, links to an advertiser landing page, require a subscription to see the full content, or contain paid promotion of any kind. While the content itself can’t be commercial, other sources of revenue may appear outside the the main content, i.e. advertising in header, footer or right/left rails.

    What Languages Does Content.ad Support?

    The Content.ad widget officially supports English, Spanish, French & Turkish for internal content. Using the widget for internal content on sites in languages other than those listed may not work properly.

    All sponsored content in our network is written in English or Spanish and will only be approved to run on sites written in these languages.

    What Is Content.ad?

    Content.ad is a native sponsored content platform. Links to your content and landing pages appear side-by-side with other sponsored or organic content on websites that are part of the Content.ad network, attracting new, highly-engaged readers to your site.

    Advertisers pay a per-click amount for each click to their campaigns. Content.ad’s Advertiser and Publisher tools show you what’s working so you can build on your successes.

    What Types of Companies Use Content.ad?

    Content.ad is for anyone interested in driving traffic to their site, increasing pageviews, videoviews, app installs, or other sales conversions.

    Whether you are a household brand, media company, start-up, or a small businesses, Content.ad can work for you.

    Are a Certain Volume of Clicks Guaranteed on Your Network?

    Content.ad is a CPC (cost-per-click) platform.

    Advertisers are not guaranteed that they will receive clicks as it is dependent on the CPC bid price, the click-through rate of the advertiser’s campaign, and competition from other advertisers in the system.

    For example, if you’re bidding $0.08 on a weight loss ad and there are other advertisers bidding $0.10 on their weight loss ads, then the $0.10 campaigns will serve before the $0.08 campaign.

    If you aren’t getting traffic to your ads, one possible explanation is that your bids are too low. Reach out to an account manager if you need help setting your bids.


    How Much Volume Opportunity Is There With Content.ad?

    Content.ad serves more than 25 billion monthly recommendations. Because of our broad reach and scale, we can deliver significant volume. For many advertisers, Content.ad quickly becomes one of their largest traffic sources.

    Content.ad is a performance based network and a number of factors impact the amount of volume your campaigns receive including:

    • Your CTR (click-through-rate)
    • Your CPC (cost-per-click)
    • Your daily and total budget
    • Country and device targeting settings
    • Network competition

    How Is Content Displayed on a Publisher’s Website?

    Content is most commonly displayed in a native format, usually below article content as recommended or sponsored content in a thumbnail image format with the headline below.

    An example of our most popular widget, “Below the Article”

    Content.ad has a variety of widget types for publishers to use, so some publishers may place additional native formats or use text links as well.

    How Do I Get Started With Content.ad?

    Getting started with Content.ad is quick and easy!

    1. Go to our homepage and click on the Get Started button located at the top of the page.
    2. Fill out the sign-up form and submit it.
    3. You will receive an email confirmation for the new account. Please keep this email for future reference.
    4. That’s it, now you can log in and create your first campaign!