What is the Content.ad widget?

    The Content.ad widget is a content recommendation tool that can run on any website. It automatically analyses each piece of content on your site and then displays links to specific content in the widget.

    How does Content.ad improve visitor engagement?

    The Content.ad widget uses a proprietary algorithm that analyses the performance of each page of content on your site. It creates an engagement metric based on a number of proprietary engagement measures. In addition, Content.ad “learns” how each piece of your content is likely to appeal to individual readers and uses this to predict what they will like.

    Will it work on any site?

    Yes, Content.ad is designed to operate on any content site. WordPress users also have the option of installing a plug-in which will integrate the placement and set-up options into your WordPress Admin.

    How quickly does it start working?

    The Content.ad Widget will start to work immediately; however, part of the optimization process involves learning which of your content performs the best. A certain number of impressions must be served before the widget is able to fully optimize and display the most effective content.

    Can I setup more than one Content.ad widget for my site?

    Yes. You may want to test the location and/or layout of the widget on your pages to see which produces the best results for you. For example you may want to test how the widget performs below your content. vs. to the side of your content. In this case you will create two widgets and name then separately. Then you can track the performance of each separately in your reporting dashboard.

    How do I sign up?

    Simply complete the sign-up form, located here. You will then receive a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to complete your registration and set up your first Content.ad widget. If you do not receive the registration email, please check your spam folder, and be sure to white list our email address, “info (at) content (dot) ad”