Sponsored content must be clearly labeled as “Advertisement,” “Advertorial,” or “Sponsored” at the top of the page. 

For “free trial” or continuity/auto-ship offers, a link to the product’s terms & conditions must be visible and active to allow a consumer to click and review prior to submitting payment.

Below is an example of a compliant landing page, showing an "Advertorial" banner.

What is sponsored content or advertorial? – An advertorial is an article that promotes a particular product or service, and may include information and pricing about a specific offer. The content includes links directed to a separate landing page to purchase the product or service. Advertorials do not include any type of order form, payment page or email signup functionality. Advertorials commonly mimic a news article or blog post, hence they are required to have a sponsored disclosure in order to be transparent with the reader in compliance with FTC regulations.

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