Discovering original content that you have created on someone else’s website — content which they have taken and posted without your permission — can be a very frustrating situation. only approves the Headlines and Images that appear in our widget. We have no control over the content people post on their individual websites.

That said, here are some actions you can take to protect your creative property.

  1. Contact the website owner or webmaster directly, and ask them to remove the content from their website. This information is usually found on a website’s “Contact Us” page, either in the header or footer of a website page.

  2. You can also choose to have your legal counsel contact the website owner or webmaster. Your legal counsel will be able to determine if this is a clear case of plagiarism or if it’s considered “fair use” and can be solved with a simple link back to your website. They may also suggest other legal courses of action you can take against the website.

  3. Here are some helpful articles about plagiarism that can educate you on the subject and possibly help you resolve the matter.

There are also paid services like Copyscape ( that can find if other websites have copied your work, and offer concrete steps in taking care of the situation.

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