The White List feature is available by Request Only. Please contact your Account Manager or email

Please Note: This advanced feature may impact your traffic potential if you do not maintain the White List and keep your RON (run-of-network) Campaigns running simultaneously.

The White List feature allows you to create separate Campaigns targeting specific Domain ID(s) that perform the best for you.

Best Practice: Continue to run RON (run-of network) Campaigns in conjunction with White List campaigns. This will enable you to identify top performing Domain ID(s) that you can continually add to your White List Campaigns.

White List Campaign Setup

  1. Create a New Campaign (the “White List” campaign).

  2. Add your top performing ads from your RON (run-of-network) campaign to the White List campaign.

  3. Click on White Lists under Advertising in the Left menu.

  4. Create a Name for your White List and click Save.

  5. Enter Domain ID(s) or a comma-separated list and click Add.
    There is a 50 Domain ID maximum.

  6. Click on the List Settings link on the Upper Right of the page.

  7. Select which Campaigns will use this White List and click Save.

Best Practices for Running White List Campaigns

  • Keep Domain ID(s) active in both RON (run-of-network) and White List campaigns.
    - New Domains are added regularly to the network and will appear in your RON campaigns. Monitor your RON (run-of-network) campaigns closely to identify new high performing Domain IDs that can be added to White List campaigns.
    - It’s important to keep ads live in both RON (run-of-network) and White List campaigns to maintain current volume until White List campaigns are approved and begin to get impressions.

  • Increase CPCs for White List Campaigns to remain competitive in the network as other advertisers may also be using the White List feature and targeting the same Domain ID(s).

  • Do not significantly lower CPCs in RON (run-of-network) campaigns or block too many Domain ID(s) at once.  RON (run-of-network) Campaigns need to maintain volume to gather performance information on new domains.

How to Best Set Up Campaigns and Monitor White List Campaign Performance?

  • Add Campaign ID and Domain ID macros to the tracking URL(s).

  • Add the conversion tracking pixel to your site. (The conversion tracking pixel is used for Advertorial or Advertisements ONLY. Please contact your Account Manager or to request the pixel.)

  • Monitor campaign performance by Domain ID (using your analytics or data) using the Bid by Domain feature page.
    - Upon review, continuously add new top performing Domain IDs to your White List(s).
    - If you would like to receive automated daily reports, sign up for the “Daily Campaign Performance” Report under the My Account section of your account.

If you would like assistance using this feature, please contact your Account Manager or email

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