All campaigns must promote original content.  All content must comply with applicable laws, regulations and codes.  More information about our guidelines can be found here.

The following types of content can run in

Advertisement – Landing pages that include any type of order form, payment page, push opt-in wall, or email signup functionality.

Sponsored content or advertorial – Article-based content that promotes a particular product or service and may include information and pricing about a specific offer.

The content typically includes links directed to a landing page to purchase a product or service. The landing page may not include any type of order form, payment page or email signup functionality.

Sponsored content must be clearly labeled as “Advertisement,” “Advertorial,” or “Sponsored” at the top of the page. For “free trial” or continuity/auto-ship offers, a link to the product’s terms & conditions must be visible and active to allow a consumer to click and review prior to submitting payment.

Non-commercial – Content about general interest topics of a non-commercial nature.

This type of content cannot include:

  • Text links to products

  • Links to an advertiser landing page

  • A paywall or subscribe wall that prevents users from seeing the content for free

  • Paid promotion of any kind

While the content itself can’t be commercial, other sources of revenue may appear outside the the main content, ie. ads in header, footer or right/left rails.

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