Campaign performance can be affected by a number of factors, but following some simple guidelines can significantly impact your ability to reach your target audience and increase your click-through rate (CTR).


  • Be brief. Content belongs on your page, not in your headline. Headlines that only contain a few words often perform better than more elaborate ones. We accept headlines that are 60 characters or less.

  • Be informative. Phrase your headlines as questions or as “how to” statements. Let the reader know that your content is informative and/or helpful.

  • Be honest. Misleading your readers about your content just to increase clicks not only wastes your money, it also damages your brand’s integrity. Honestly promoting your content ensures that you reach your intended audience and encourages return visits.


  • Use photos. Photos of people or products are more engaging and straightforward than graphics or diagrams.

  • Customize them. An image that looks great splashed across the top of your article might not be very clear as a small square in a widget. Pick simple, sharp images that look great as small as 80 pixels wide.

  • Make them big! To reach the widest possible audience, use the largest images and best resolution allowed. This ensures that your content is compatible with every available ad placement, including the ones that draw the most attention to your content.

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