is a performance-based network and our algorithms promote content based on eCPM, which is a combination of the CPC (cost per click) and CTR (click through rate). The more competitive your CPC and CTR, the more volume your campaigns will receive.

CPC Adjustments

Increasing your CPC is the single most important factor to boost traffic volume for your campaign. To increase your traffic volume, adjust your CPC with a significant increase (for example $0.05), rather than an incremental increase (vs $0.01). Due to network competition, significant CPC increases produce quicker results and more data, which increases the efficiency in optimizing campaigns.

We suggest increasing your CPC by $0.05 or more to give your campaigns the best opportunity to increase traffic volume. Consider increasing the CPC until you see a change in traffic volume and continue to make adjustments as needed.

When adjusting CPCs, allow up to 24 hours for the algorithms to test the change throughout the network for best results. Please Note: Reducing the CPC within 24 hours after an increase will negatively impact the ability to increase traffic volume.

CTR Improvements

The best practice to improve the CTR is to test unique headlines and images for each creative. Avoid testing the same headlines with only a few image variations, or vice versa. Also, avoid testing too many creatives at one time. Ideally, you should test no more than 3 to 5 creatives at a given time for best results.

Other Factors to Consider

Keep in mind that a number of factors may impact the volume your campaigns receive, including:

  • Your Daily and Total Budgets
    - Consider a larger Daily and Total Budget to give campaigns the opportunity to scale.

  • Geo and Device Targeting
    - Avoid testing only one Geo or Device
    - Limiting Geo and Device targeting to fewer than two countries or devices may negatively impact your traffic volume in the network due to the performance variances between Geo’s and Devices. (There are some exceptions where a campaign is approved to run in a single Geo and on a particular Device type).

  • Network Competition
    - The network changes dynamically as advertisers adjust campaign settings, so if the adjustments you made don’t result in the desired increase in traffic volume, then the changes did not improve campaign performance metrics enough.
    - Consider increasing the CPC and creating new ad variations until you see the desired increase in traffic volume.

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