Here’s how we recommend you build your first campaigns. 

With proper optimization and set up, you can expect to start seeing conversions on your first day and a break-even ROI within 7 days.

Please consider your total testing budget when launching new campaigns. If you have a total test budget of $3,500 you will want to start with one offer on a single device per campaign. We usually recommend launching one device per campaign with a desktop campaign as well as a mobile campaign that are both sending users to the same offer. This will allow you to see what device you perform on best.

There are exceptions to the steps below. If you have questions, please reach out to us.

  1. $250 - $500 Bare minimum daily cap per campaign

  2. Target one geo only to start. For instance, US only.

  3. Target "Entire Network" if using a whitelist or a single pool if you are not using a whitelist. (If targeting a pool, we recommend you start testing with pool 1 or pool 2)

  4. Ensure that your campaign is set as paused.

  5. Upload your creatives and tracking links. We recommend you use a 3rd party tracker such as Voluum.

  6. Set up and apply your whitelist. We send these out periodically. Please reach out if you need one. (Only if using a whitelist)

  7. Input bids on each domain in the bid by domain section.

  8. Set your campaign live when ready.

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