If you want to opt out of push notifications, here’s a simple guide to help you out. Find the web browser and device that you use and follow the instructions.

Desktop – Google Chrome

To go directly to the page to disable notifications from your Google Chrome browser, enter chrome://settings/content/notifications into the address bar and then hit enter.

Or follow these steps:

In the Chrome Browser, open up settings.

Click on “Site Settings” (you may have to go to “Advanced Settings” to find this option)

Click on “Notifications”

Here you will see a list of sites that you have either allowed or blocked notifications for.

You can now choose which site(s) to block notifications from.

Desktop – Firefox

Open the Firefox web browser and click on Options from the pull-down menu.

Click on “Privacy and Security” on the left rail.

Scroll down to find “Notifications” and click on the “Settings…” button next to it.

A window will pop up with a list of notifications you currently are blocking or allowing notifications from. you can turn on or off the notifications from this window.

Android – Google Chrome

These instructions are from Google’s Help Page.

Android – Firefox

Instructions from Firefox’s help site.

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