Managed Whitelists are designed to improve the speed at which an advertiser can build and launch a campaign within 

These whitelists are released on a monthly basis to all advertisers based on collected scalability and performance data for United States Traffic only. 

To add a Managed Whitelist to your Campaign you must either:

  1. Add the Managed Whitelist when creating a campaign for the first time

  2. Or add a Managed Whitelist from within your "Campaign Settings" via the grey drop down arrow on the left-side of a current campaign.

You can use the Managed Whitelist feature in conjunction with one of your custom curated whitelists without conflict. 

When implementing a Managed Whitelist our database will automatically generate and place the average "Network-Wide" bid on each individual traffic source in order to give your campaign the best chance possible at serving.

If you already have a self-curated whitelist running on an active campaign and add a Managed Whitelist later on your CUSTOM BIDS WILL NOT BE OVERRIDDEN. Only default bids will be updated to their network averages. 

For additional information please contact our Support staff for details. 

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