1) Download the conversion import template

First, log on to app.content.ad and find "Campaigns and Bid By Domain" in the left-side menu, and click/tap the "Import Conversion Data" at the top of the selected page (see screenshot at the bottom of this article). Then click the highlighted template to download the conversion template example file. If you prefer you can copy/paste the below row headers and fill examples to your machine as a .csv file instead.

day	advertiser_campaign_id	domain_id	device_general	conversions	gross_revenue
yyyy-mm-dd nnnnnn nnnnn Desktop/Mobile/Tablet nnnnn nnnnn.nn

Notice that we are using tabs to seperate values in the above example.

2) Add your conversions to the template

Next, download conversions from your own software, then add it to the .csv file you just created/saved.

The gross_revenue column name is required but you are not required to add any specific values to that column and can leave it as 0 if preferred. Please make sure there are no blank fields in any of the columns or your file will not upload.

When you have added all of your conversion values, save and return to the "Import Conversion Data" button (see screenshot below).

3) Upload your conversions

Click/tap the “choose file” button, and select your saved conversion import template file from your machine. Finally, click/tap “Upload”.

If your upload was successful you will see a green bar across the top of the window to confirm that your upload was successful. If there was an error you will receive an error report explaining what the error was.

All done!

Imported stats will be stored permanently to your account and stats can be viewed on the Bid By Domain Page for your campaigns to help you better choose where to optimize your bids. You may have to add in new ADV Stats columns to the page in order to see your imported data.

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