The traffic supply has been broken down into smaller Pools in order for Advertisers to more easily target traffic segments that will work for their products. A domain can only exist within one Pool so make sure to test them all in order to find the optimal combination for your offer.

You can select one, multiple, or all Pools for your campaign:

Pool 0 = Newly submitted domains that have served in the network for less than 90 days. Targeting this pool will allow your campaign to stay up to date with all of the latest domains as continues to grow.

Pool 1 = Domains that currently are the most competitive and sought-after placements in the network. In order to run a campaign at scale, we recommend not targeting this Pool only.

Pool 2 = Made up of the highest volume domains in the network. This Pool is a great way to scale a campaign's spend to meet your goals.

Pool 3 = Lower volume sources than those in pool 2.

Pool 4 = These domains are lower cost and lower volume than any of the above domain lists.

Pool 5 = Noncommercial campaigns should test Pool 5 at a bid of just a few cents. Domains listed under this pool are perfect for advertisers looking to drive traffic to their websites.

Pool 6 = Domains in this pool are extremely low volume and would also be a prime target for Noncommercial campaigns.

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