Historically, the Health & Nutra verticals have always been a success in Content.ad. If you use any "spy tools" you will probably see that these verticals are still top performers. But, what you will not see, is that many of our advertisers are testing new verticals with great success. These spy tools are unable to track much of this spend as our network has so much push traffic that these tools fail to monitor properly.

So how should you get started? Keep this in mind, uniqueness is key.

We recommend picking out an offer that looks interesting to you. If it is something that you think, "hey, I would buy that," chances are that it will perform well in our network! Feel free to explore Health & Nutra, but we recommend also looking into Gadgets, Insurance, Lead-Gen, Sweepstakes, and anything else that looks interesting.

We have found the most success in sending a user to a pre-lander such as an advertorial rather than directly to an offer page. So, keep this in mind when constructing your sales funnel.

When it comes to creatives, we recommend starting with at least 5+ unique ads in a single campaign. Our algorithm will reward ads that have both unique headlines and creatives by allocating them more impressions. We recommend thinking outside of the box. Try images and headlines your competitors have not thought to test yet! It's always better to be setting the trend than to be following it.

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