When starting a new campaign we recommend starting with a minimum of 5 creatives.

You will want each creative to be unique. The better the variety of your ads, the better chance of success you have. It is crucial that you do not duplicate the same ad repeatedly or copy competition. When our algorithm selects ads to serve, it gives preferential treatment to unique ads.

This means:

  • Do not use repeat images

  • Do not use repeat headlines

  • Do not copy your competition

After launching, we recommend adding 2-3 new ads per week. This will help keep your campaign in training and allocate you more testing impressions. It will also give you a good chance of finding an ad that is a winner!

Never pause an ad that is underperforming!

It is best to submit relevant ads so that users do not click your ad and end up on a landing page that has no relevancy to the ad itself. Many users have tried pausing ads that are being outperformed by other ads. This is detrimental to your campaign and will cause your campaign to lose volume.

Your ad is not performing because it is likely being served on a domain that is over CPA. Make the correction in the bid by domain page instead. If you pause your ad, you may lose volume on other domains that it was serving on profitably.

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