The Bid by Domain feature allows advertisers to make CPC bid rate adjustments at the Domain ID level by Device, for each Campaign.  The feature helps advertisers efficiently and conveniently scale campaigns based on the relative ROI performance of various publisher sources.

NOTE:  Using the Bid by Domain feature and limiting the number of blocked Domain ID’s, will greatly increase your opportunity to grow volume and scale your campaigns.

To access Bid by Domain, go to the Campaigns and click on the dropdown icon located to the left of the Campaign name.  Select Bid By Domain.

Campaigns page

NOTE:  To use this feature for additional campaigns, you will need to revisit this section to make CPC adjustments.

Select a device and click the Filter button. Results can be exported to Excel by clicking the Excel icon on the bottom right of the page. You may also search for a specific domain ID by using the domain ID field. To make CPC adjustments, enter the desired bid amount in the CPC field for each domain. The bid will be saved automatically. You can set domain-specific bids on up to 150 domains per device on each campaign. To remove a domain bid simply delete the CPC value for that domain. You can do this to free up available bids for different domains.

NOTE:  You must complete these steps for each device separately.

Bid by domain page

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