Native Video is a ‘native video ad unit’ that auto plays in a large video format whenever a user navigates to it. The video unit will deliver brand safe video ads ONLY when there is a video ad to be served.

Best Practices To Yield Highest CPMs

  • Make sure the video player is in view, above the fold
  • Ideal player size – 650 pixels wide (no smaller than 450), 16×9 aspect ratio
  • Place in-feed or in-stream of content
  • Place the video tag in multiple locations on a page, including the right rail
  • Run the video tag on ALL traffic sources

Video Player Details

  • Player DefaultsSound Off, Auto Play
  • Ad Content – Brand Safe
  • Player Sizes – Max width 650 pixels, 16×9 aspect ratio
    • placements greater than 450 pixels yield higher CPMs
  • Fill Rate – 15-45+ % based on impression volume and traffic quality
    • The higher the impression volume, the fill rate % will be higher
    • The lower the impression volume, the fill rate % will be lower
  • Rev Share – Based on your current account rev share
  • Common Placements – within Article Content, Right Rail

Ads.txt Required

Video ads are delivered programmatically and you must add the ads.txt file to your root domain in order to serve video content.  The ads.txt file  and video tag will be emailed once a domain is approved. For more information about ads.txt click here

Video Tag Instructions: requires coding or development

  1. Upload the ads.txt file to your root domain
  2. Copy/paste the code in the video_tag.txt file to your site
  3. Change the “placement” for each video tag 
    • placement = “ENTER_PLACEMENT_NAME_HERE”
      • (example: “below the article” or “sidebar”, etc)

 NOTE:  If you want the video to appear anywhere other than next to tag, do the following:

  • Change the div placement id on line 1 & 4 of the tag. See example below:
    • <div id=”your_div_id“>&nbsp;</div>
    • var parentID = “your_div_id“,
  • Move the div to the location you want the video to appear

NOTE:  You can place the video tag in multiple locations on a page, but remember to enter the “placement” and “div id” for each new placement.




If you have a support question or bug report, please contact our support team.