When you choose to show internal content in your widget, Content.ad automatically finds and displays links to stories on your site.  However, for various reasons you may want more control over what gets served. This can be achieved by adding a serve parameter or for even greater control you can use the Custom Sources feature in Content.ad.

A custom source is a container for internal content you would like to serve in one or more widgets. You can add content to a custom source manually or using an RSS feed.  A single source can contain content from one or multiple domains.

Setting up a custom source is simple:

  1. Under My Account -> Custom Sources, click New Source.
  2. Complete the form to specify what widget(s) will use the content from this source and how you will add content to the source.  If you choose to use an RSS feed, be sure it follows our RSS guidelines to ensure that your content is properly indexed.
  3. Add content to your campaign using your chosen method:
    • Manual: Click the “Content” icon, then “Add Content”.  Specify the URL and image for each page of content you wish to add to the source.
    • RSS: Feeds are scanned frequently throughout the day to obtain updated content.

You can also create and/or assign a custom source when creating or editing a widget.  Custom source options appear under Internal Content Options.

If you have a support question or bug report, please contact our support team.